Dwight Lauderdale, Calvin Hughes share their memories of Laurie Jennings

Current, former colleagues reflect on what they learned from Local 10 anchor

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – For 30 years, Laurie Jennings has been at the forefront of television news, dedicating herself to sharing stories in South Florida, across the country and around the globe.  

"She showed me a strength I didn't know she had," former Local 10 News anchor Dwight Lauderdale said. "That's one tough lady."

Jennings and Lauderdale, who anchored together through the mid-2000s, caught up in April when she made a surprise visit to his Central Florida home.

"When I heard our news crew was coming to interview you and I was here with my family at Universal, I just had to stop by," she told Lauderdale.

Lauderdale said her arrival at Local 10 in 2004 came at the right time in his career.

"I was tired, I was wrapping up a 40-year career, but you came along at the right time to give me that energy," Lauderdale told her.

Along with energy, Jennings and Lauderdale shared a deep respect for each other.

Laurie Jennings: Through the years

"As I watched her balance her career and family, she was always on top of her career, but she also gave that same love and attention to her family," Lauderdale said.

Local 10 News co-anchor Calvin Hughes, himself a father of three children, also appreciates Jennings' ability to balance career and family during the nine years they've shared on the anchor desk.

"She's someone I've shared a lot of great times with and a lot of hard times with," Hughes said. "Losing my parents, she was there when I was going through that very tough time." 

Both men admire her professionalism and strength of character.

"She's smart, she's very good on television, she loves the community and she loves the people she works with," Hughes said.

Both said they will remember many great moments sitting side-by-side over the years, but Lauderdale said this is not the end but a new beginning for Jennings.

"Now she will be on her time, not living her life by the crazy schedule of TV news, and I think she'll do amazing things," Lauderdale said. 

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