Big chill? Cold front comes to town Tuesday, Wednesday

Forecast brings coldest temperatures in over eight months

Chilly weather graphic. (WPLG)

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A major fall cold front will sweep through South Florida this week. While Monday during the day will see temperatures in the 80s, Tuesday and Wednesday will be the days to get out the sweaters.

There isn’t a lot of moisture in the front, so there won’t be much rain on the horizon Monday. When the front does move in on Monday night, expect spotty showers and a brief thunderstorm in some areas.

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings will be when the temperatures are lowest — in the 50s. The heart of the “cold snap” arrives Wednesday morning. During the day on Tuesday, highs will reach only to about 73 degrees, while areas on Wednesday will barely get out of the 60-degree range.

Areas near the coast will have some influence from the Atlantic, where water temperatures are in the middle 70s. This will keep temperatures from falling much lower than 55 degrees. Inland neighborhoods that border the Everglades may drop as low as 49 degrees.

Temperatures will be 10 degrees cooler than average for this time of year.

(See Brandon’s forecast below and what the next few days will bring.)

That’s cold front No. 1. Then South Florida gets a warm up by late week, but right behind that is cold front No. 2, which enters the area next Sunday and it could be a repeat of the first cold front.

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