Tropics stay quiet into the weekend

Latest update on the tropics provided by Local 10 Hurricane Specialist and Storm Surge Expert Michael Lowry


The only tropical game in town, Estelle in the eastern Pacific, is quickly shedding its remaining thunderstorms this morning and is expected to lose its tropical identity later today.

With Estelle exiting stage left, the tropics – both in the Atlantic and Pacific – should go largely dormant at least through the weekend.

As we discussed in the daily newsletter earlier this week, the Atlantic will transition to a more conducive regime for storminess next week.

By the middle to latter part of next week, we will be looking to the central and eastern Atlantic, as longer-range models are beginning to indicate lower pressures associated with robust disturbances moving from Africa.

August is the traditional start of the Cabo Verde part of the hurricane season, when longer-track hurricanes that form near the Cabo Verde islands off the west coast of Africa become more common in the Atlantic.


For now, there’s nothing of significance in the tropics we need to be concerned with in South Florida and it looks like we’ll close out July – our least likely summer month for a tropical impact – without any threats.

About the Author:

Michael Lowry is Local 10's Hurricane Specialist and Storm Surge Expert.