South Florida middle school teacher wins big on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Kendall educator surprised host Pat Sajak with incredible guess on final puzzle

MIAMI – A South Florida teacher is still spinning after her amazing appearance on “Wheel of Fortune.”

With only four letters illuminated on the famous game show’s puzzle board, winning the bonus round looked like a long shot for local middle school teacher Jessie Rebhan.

Surprising longtime host Pat Sajak, Rebhan came up with the correct response.

“Buying a juicer,” she said.

Less than 10 seconds of guessing made the Leewood K-8 Center educator $37,000 richer.

South Florida teacher Jessie Rebhan wins big on Wheel of Fortune. (WPLG)

“I actually started to run away and Pat actually said, ‘Come back here’ because I was so excited, I didn’t know what to do,” Rebhan said.

Friends and family watching at home in Kendall could hardly contain their excitement.

"It was so exciting to get to watch it with them and experience the excitement with them," she said.

Rebhan auditioned back in October and was selected among thousands of potential contestants.

She taped the show two months ago in California and managed to keep it a big secret from her friends and students, who were extremely proud of her major win.

"I congratulated her and told her how lucky she is and I was really happy for her," said Allison Corcoran, Rebhan's seventh grade student.

“I was really excited for Ms. Rebhan because she’s a really good teacher, and I felt like she kind of deserved going on vacation having a trip for herself, so I felt proud of her," added Aliet Barrero, another one of Rebhan’s students.

Leewood K-8 Center teacher Jessie Rebhan was a big winner on Wheel of Fortune. (WPLG)

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