Curious Maxx, the traveling dog, has a social media following

MIAMI – One dog has become quite the Instagram and Tik-Tok star for his travels across the United States while his pet parents document his doggy adventures.

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And, this local pup is promoting that pets can go along for the ride anywhere their humans go.

The Australian Shepherd is named Maxx, or @thecuriousmaxx if you follow the on-the-move munchkin on social media.

What started as Anna and Mitchell Jagodinski adopting an adorable pup to add to their happy family five years ago quickly turned into a full-blown buddy that was down to do whatever his pet parents planned.

“I wanted to have a dog and show it everything I could, do all the things we can do with it, make his life as good as possible. It’s kind of a mission,” says Mitchell

That mission started with hikes in California. Maxx with his own doggy boots and backpack and eventually a cross-country trip from California to Pennsylvania.

“Let’s do it - let’s do it with Maxx! The whole world was based on Maxx! All national parks that we could go to that were dog friendly,” says Anna about taking the pooch everywhere. “It was amazing, it was a lifetime adventure of course and having Maxx with us was like, whoa.”

It went so well and Maxx was welcome to join his parents at so many places that they did it again. This time traveling from Pennsylvania to Miami and that’s when the wanderlust tail-wagger started to get a social media following.

Maxx is so popular that his fans actually send him presents! Like a statue of a mini-Maxx/ And they even write books about all his adventures.”

Anna decided to get the pup an Instagram handle.

“Why not do an Instagram to share with our friends and family but he was extra cute so it got a little out of control,” she says.

Maxx’s following sure seems to be influencing and normalizing the idea of dogs being allowed everywhere their humans are welcome.

“Some dogs are born to be stars,” says Mitchell.

For their next great adventure, the family of three with eight legs is taking them to the Lone Star state so look out for their travels from Florida to Texas on Instagram soon.

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