City of Miami closes 2 more parks for contamination

City closes Billie Rolle Mini-Park, South Side Park


MIAMI – Two parks have been closed by the City of Miami after some contamination was discovered during recent sampling.

The City, in cooperation with Miami-Dade County's Department of Environmental Resource Management, said it is conducting appropriate due diligence for City of Miami Parks regarding the potential for contamination.

According to the city, recent sampling has revealed the presence of some contamination at Billie Rolle Mini-Park on Grand Avenue and South Side Park, located on Southwest 2nd Avenue and 12th Street.

The two parks are being closed until further sampling can be performed and necessary actions are identified, officials said.

The City of Miami said it is working closely with DERM and the State Department of Health as further testing is performed and plans are developed to permanently remedy the issue.

Merrie Christmas Park, Blanche Park and Douglas Park were other Miami parks also closed this year after contaminated soil was discovered.