Lion cub to debut at Zoo Miami

Zoo to introduce cub to exhibit Thursday


MIAMI – After a difficult start in life, a lion cub is ready to make his triumphant debut at Zoo Miami on Thursday.

Kwasi, a 3-month-old male lion who was born at the zoo on December 15, 2013, has been deemed healthy enough to go on exhibit. It will be the first time in Zoo Miami history that a lion cub will go on exhibit with its mother.

Since its birth, Kwasi has been through various health scares and his nourishment had to be supplemented by zoo staff. But throughout the ordeals, the young cub has been able to remain with his mother which is extremely important to being properly socialized.

Because of his fight and determination, Zoo Miami named him Kwasi after a famous African warrior.

Kwasi and Asha will be on exhibit each day from zoo opening until noon. The two will then spend their afternoons in a den area while two males are on exhibit.