Animal control euthanized family's dog as stray despite microchip

Family mourns death of their beloved Milo at the hands of authorities

MIAMI – Sofia Mauri said this holiday season won't be the same without her beloved dog Milo. 

Last week, Milo got out of the yard at their home in Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood and got hit by a car about a block away from their home. About six hours later, Miami-Dade   Animal Control made the decision to euthanize Milo.

"All they had to do was give him some time -- give me some time to claim him," Mauri said. 

Authorities said that without his identification tag it was impossible for them to know that Milo was not a stray dog. According to authorities, Milo suffered a broken back when a driver ran him over. 

"Pets are required to wear their rabies tag for a reason," said Kathy Labrada, of the Miami-Dade Animal Services. "That tag is their ticket home."  

Mauri said she had decided to remove the collar because it aggravated his allergies. He did have a microchip. 

Authorities said the microchip didn't register on the officer's scan. Labrada said the decision, which was not made by a veterinarian, was meant to alleviate Milo's pain and suffering. 

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