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Woman charged with sexually assaulting cable guy

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – A North Carolina woman was arrested last weekend after she allegedly sexually assaulted a male cable worker who was doing repairs inside her home.

Mildred Newsome, 47, was arrested Saturday and charged with sexual battery and second degree sexual offense after an incident that occurred on April 20.

The Charlotte Observer reports the cable company employee was almost finished with his work when Newsome took his hand and put it on her breast.

The warrant claims Newsome made the move for for the purpose of sexual arousal and sexual gratification. The report also states the man was forced to engage in two sex acts.

The cable worker immediately left the home and reported the incident to his employer.

“A lot of people are of the mind that a man cannot be sexually assaulted or could have done something to stop it,” Sgt. Shawn Strepay of the Fayetteville Police Department told the Fayetteville Observer. “That’s not true.”

Newsome was released from jail on $10,000 bond.