Miami Northwestern dance team goes viral thanks to appearance from NFL alumni

Longtime instructor providing valuable lessons to Golden Girls dance squad

MIAMI – The Miami Northwestern Senior High School dance team has been all over social media. 

The Golden Girls are known for their high energy choreography and their 'supa' strut.

The team is led by Traci Young-Byron, who has been the school's dance instructor and fine arts teacher for over a decade.

She is also a proud alum who wanted to give back to her high school 

"I wanted to be able to pour into our community," Young-Byron said. "I felt like the students needed someone who truly understood what it's like to grow up in the trenches. I'm home grown. I'm from the 305. I was raised in Liberty City."

Her Golden Girls, or G-Girls, are a viral sensation with thousands of views on multiple social media platforms. 

Last weekend, one of their videos hit 1 million views due to a surprise cameo by a professional NFL player and Miami native. 

"Teddy Bridgewater is a Northwestern alumni. He decided to do the 'supa' strut with my girls," Young-Byron said. "I thought it was so awesome."

Even though the dance team is considered social media famous, Young-Byron tells her girls that school always comes first. 

"My girls know they can't perform or get out on the field with more than one C. You have to have at least a 3.0 GPA," she said. 

Her main purpose of the dance team is to provide necessary life skills, not just dance skills. 

"We do a lot of different things to get them prepared for life post high school," Young-Byron said. "Those things are important as well. I think people only see what just the jumping up in down, sometimes they might squat lo, or the 'supa' strut. It's more than that. I'm just using dance as a vehicle to save lives."

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