You have to see these albino alligators born at a Florida zoo

Rare albino alligators hatched at this Florida zoo for the second year in a row

Albino alligator hatchlings at Wild Florida. (Courtesy of Wild Florida on Facebook)

KENANSVILLE, Fla. – News of baby alligators being hatched at a Florida zoo isn’t exactly groundbreaking news, but these particular hatchlings share a very unique and rare feature: the babies are albino.

While albino alligators are rare, they’re not exactly uncommon for this particular ‘gator park.

Wild Florida announced recently that two more albino alligators have hatched at their zoo (the park had albino hatchlings in 2020, as well).

Wild Florida announced the new, tiny alligators on Facebook. In a video, two of the park’s workers are shown holding the small hatchlings, which are both completely albino.

“We scored another year of albino alligators,” they said in the Facebook video, adding that their parents, Blizzard and Snowflake, “did it again.’”

And this isn’t the first time that the pair have spawned albino children.

In the Facebook video, one of the park’s workers says that they scored another year of albino alligators after having some hatch in 2020.

“That’s like back-to-back championships in our book,” they said.

According to Click Orlando, the two new hatchlings are part of a batch of 18 alligator eggs that were collected and placed in an incubator in April.

Co-owner and co-founder of Wild Florida, Sam Haught, said, “We’re so proud of our albino alligator parents, Snowflake and Blizzard, and our Croc Squad team for helping these hatchlings. With our Croc Squad overseeing these eggs, we’re hoping that these alligators will help engage more visitors, locals and tourists alike, with their environment.”

According to zookeepers, the hatchlings are doing well and thriving.

The new baby alligators are not exhibition for visitors at Wild Florida yet, but park officials say that they will soon be on exhibit for guests to see.