Florida added 100K COVID cases this week, lowest since mid-July

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Florida reported just over 100,000 new COVID-19 cases in the past week, a 33% decrease from the height of last month’s surge.

The 100,012 new cases from Sept. 3-9 is the state’s lowest weekly total since mid-July. Florida had three consecutive weeks with over 150,000 new cases back in August.

The new case positivity rate of 13.5% is also the lowest since mid-July, according to the new Florida Department of Health data report released Friday evening. (See the full report at the bottom of this page.)

A look at new COVID-19 cases and positivity rates over recent weeks in Florida. (Florida Department of Health)

The age group with the most new cases remains the under-12 population that is ineligible to be vaccinated.

FDOH says that 17,165 children under 12 became infected with COVID-19 in the past week.

State data shows that 69% of eligible Floridians (12 and older) have received at least one vaccine shot, a number public health officials are trying to raise. FDOH says that 349,845 doses were administered in the past week, which is the fewest since mid-July.

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Florida added 17,854 more COVID-19 cases and three additional fatalities connected to the virus in the newest daily data posted by the CDC on Friday.

The daily increase in new cases is the state’s highest in more than a week (since Sept. 2).

Florida is now up to 3,409,012 cases and 48,276 deaths tied to COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, the latest CDC data shows.

Florida has seen a notable decline in new cases and hospitalizations since mid-August, when an average of 21,000+ new cases were reported each day at the peak of the delta variant-driven summer surge.

The state’s current 7-day moving average for new cases is 14,259, the lowest since late July. Over the past week, Florida is accounting for about 10% of the nation’s new COVID cases.

August was the deadliest month of the pandemic in Florida, with at least 7,600 fatalities connected to COVID-19, an average of over 245 per day. Some deaths are likely still yet to be reported as the fatality data generally has a delay in being logged in the state metrics that are then reported to the CDC.

Because of that lag, the state’s weekly reporting on deaths is incomplete, as more than the 353 so far listed for Sept. 3-9 are likely to be added in the coming days.

For example, on Thursday a batch of 1,296 COVID-related deaths was reported by the state to the CDC, a total that spans back weeks.

According to the Florida Hospital Association, 12,262 patients were admitted with COVID across the state on Thursday, continuing a steady drop below the peak of the recent spike.