Florida adds 1,067 more COVID-19 deaths in latest CDC data

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Florida has reported an increase of 1,067 COVID-19 deaths from the number the state was reporting Friday, according to the latest data from the CDC.

The state has also added 18,828 new cases since Friday, though the CDC lists zero new cases for Sunday, so that total may be incomplete.

The state has now verified 3,503,976 cases and 51,884 fatalities connected to COVID-19 since the start of the outbreak. according to the CDC’s metrics posted Monday.

The CDC reports daily data from the Florida Department of Health, which only publicly puts out a full report of its metrics weekly on Fridays. The deaths are often delayed being reported and then backdated to the day when they happened, so that increase of 1,000+ fatalities since Friday doesn’t mean that those deaths happened over the weekend.

While the trendlines on COVID deaths can be tougher to track because of that, Florida has seen a steady decrease in new cases and positivity rates in September after August was the worst month of the pandemic.

Last week the state reported just shy of 75,906 new cases — half as many as the 150,000+ new cases that had been reported for three consecutive weeks in August.

The state’s new-case positivity rate dipped to 11.2% in Friday’s weekly data from the Florida Department of Health. It had been over 20% in early August.

Florida’s COVID hospitalizations are also on a sharp decline. There were 8,488 patients admitted with COVID-19 on Monday, according to the Florida Hospital Association.

Florida passed 50,000 deaths among COVID patients last Thursday when a batch of 1,554 was added to the CDC data.

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