Coral Springs Fire Department ranks No. 2 in country for best fire academy

Firefighters from across region come to train in Coral Springs

By Ian Margol - Reporter

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - Every day, Coral Springs firefighters work to keep the public safe.

But with that responsibility comes constant training, even for the most experienced crews. Luckily, they're being coached by the best in the business.

"We were ranked No. 2 in the United States for the (best) fire academy," Battalion Chief Stephanie Palmer said.

Instructors from departments all around the region come to Coral Springs to work with the firefighters who train here, providing crews with insight from people who have experienced all sorts of scenarios.

The practice is grueling, and the heat is nearly unbearable under pounds of gear and equipment, but for these crews, this training could mean the difference between life and death.

"It's really important that they train on this at least once a year, if not more on their own, to get that muscle memory so when things do go wrong that they have a fighting chance to survive and tell the story," Palmer said. 

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