Secret Santa pays balance of layaway items at Walmart in Pembroke Pines

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A secret Santa surprised shoppers who had some toys on layaway at a Pembroke Pines Walmart.

The toys were stashed away for weeks and in some cases, even months as part of layaway plans for the holidays.

Monday, those toys were still waiting to be paid for, until a secret Santa stepped in.

The Gummakonda Reddy Foundation paid the balance on the accounts, and the customers then received a notice that their new balance was only a penny.

Shekar Reddy is the secret Santa behind the surprise.

“The community gave us, so it’s time to give back to the community,” said Reddy.

Reddy says he feels blessed for what his country has given his family, and for several years, this has been his signature event.

He chose the layaway plan because people have already paid something, and he said it gives them a sense of ownership, not just a handout.

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