South Florida authorities ready for massive increase of tourists visiting Miami for Super Bowl LIV

30,000 passengers expected daily at Miami International Airport

MIAMI – As if South Florida doesn't have enough traffic issues during a normal week, football fans from near and far are converging on Miami-Dade County for Super Bowl LIV.

Expect delays on Interstate 95 and all major arteries starting Monday and lasting until Feb. 2, the day of the big game at Hard Rock Stadium.

With hundreds of thousands of people arriving, local law enforcement is ready.

“There is no time off right now. All hands on deck,” Miami-Dade Police Chief Hector Llevat said. “We are a little bit over 3,000 officers, so the vast majority of those officers are working.”

It’s a Super Bowl plan Miami-Dade police has been working on for two years, with the last 12 months being the most crucial.

A large police presence was also seen at Miami International Airport.

"We are expecting about 30,000 passengers a day coming through here," said Jack Varela with Miami International Airport.

The increase in visitors means an uptick in the usage of ride sharing, like Uber and Lyft.

Additionally, some of the airport's security checkpoints will be open 24 hours.

“The worst days is going to be Monday Feb. 3rd,” said Varela. “We are expecting about 90,000 passengers leaving the airport.”

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