Man arriving from Brazil caught trying to import ketamine

Authorities confiscated 2.25 kilograms of the controlled substance

Travelers wait in line at Miami International Airport
Travelers wait in line at Miami International Airport (Associated Press)

MIAMI – Federal authorities have arrested a man they say tried to import a controlled substance into Miami International Airport.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by Local 10 News, Andre Ribeiro-Da Silva traveled from Rio de Janiero, Brazil to Miami and admitted into the United States by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Ribeiro-Da Silva was selected for routine questioning and was escorted to secondary examination.

During the examination, officers discovered 12 bottles containing a clear liquid inside Ribeiro-Da Silva's luggage, according to the complaint.

It goes on to state that thile being questioned about the bottles, Ribeiro-Da Silva told officers that six of them contained ketamine.

Officers tested the liquid and confirmed that it was approximately 2.25 kilograms of ketamine, which is a Schedule III controlled substance.

According to the complaint, Ribeiro-Da Silva admitted to traveling specifically with the purpose of acquiring the ketamine and that he paid $1,000 USD for it while in Brazil.

Ribeiro-Da Silva’s next step will be appearing in a federal courtroom.

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