Coronavirus: Local group working around the clock, sewing homemade medical masks

MIAMI – With so many lives being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, there are many people who are finding creative ways to help.

Here in South Florida, one man has gotten busy by making surgical masks.

Call it necessary couture.

It may not be not high fashion, but at the moment it's certainly highly desirable.

Michael Zamora of POP Design Team had some extra waterproof fabric that’s especially designed for medical uniforms.

“We just decided to start to make our own masks," Zamora said.

They saw the need, and with the will, and the skills, the project was born.

“We are working around the clock," Zamora said. Orders to stay home have turned into orders to crank out more masks, as this team is working around the clock, and they said they'll be doing it for as long as this plague haunts us.

"You need to have the supplies," said mask maker Antonio Mendez. "You need to have a sewing machine and fabric.”

For health reasons, the sewing machines were moved from a larger location to a small Downtown Miami apartment.

“It makes me feel great that I’m able to not only help my friends, but also help other people who might not have the ability to step outside of their home to go buy a mask, or might not even know where to buy a mask," said Mendez.

With three machines, they’re making between 250 and 300 masks a day.

For the sake of social distancing, they’re also teaching people how to do it from home..

"I started out doing some classes, some virtual classes to teach people how to sow and teach people how to make their own masks at home," said Mendez.

Added Zamora: "We need to protect our medical people that is now working very hard for us. We are sending to hospitals, we are sending to our medical friends, nurses.”

Some of the masks are also going to the homeless.

There is only so much fabric though, so the group is asking for help in getting more.

To donate, you can reach out to members of the team at:



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