Coronavirus: Police, firefighters say they are fighting ‘invisible enemy’

What would help? Those on the frontline want people to just stay home

DORAL, Fla. – Police officers and firefighters are used to putting their lives on the line, but this is something very new: fighting an enemy that’s invisible.

"We’re willing for fight the battle of the armed suspect, we’re willing to run into a burning building and bring people out,” said Broward County Sheriff Deputy Gregory Tony. “But this is a new enemy that we can’t even see."

The death of Broward County Deputy Shannon Bennett has turned an even brighter spotlight on the new, invisible enemy that police officers and firefighters are taking on: COVID-19.

Miami Police Department tell us four of their officers have tested positive. “This is something that’s invisible,” says Miami Police PIO Kenia Fallat. “We don’t know what we’re up against.”

Firefighters from Dade to Broward county are also confronted with the invisible enemy. The one thing officials say would help them is if everyone stays home.

“Because for every time we have to answer a call when someone is non compliant, it puts our lives at risk,” said Tony.

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