Artist Claudia La Bianca paints at Jackson Memorial Hospital to honor coronavirus fighters

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Artist Claudia La Bianca is mapping out a masterpiece on the side of Jackson Memorial Hospital.

At more than 100 feet tall, the mural is in its beginning stages.

La Bianca said she was thinking about toll COVID-19 was taking on her home country of Italy, and its potential for doom in her South Florida community.

“I was a little scared because I knew what was coming,” she said. “I was locked in my house and I thought I needed to use my art to do something positive in the community.”

Artist honors coronavirus fighters in South Florida. (Local 10 News Share)

La Bianca did what she does best: paint. The street artist, whose murals are seen in Wynwood, first created an image of four nurses as superheroes. Working with a friend who was donating food to area hospitals, she included prints of the image along with the delivery.

It was a hit.

“They are fighting the bad guy, which is the virus, and they’re saving life and they’re taking care of the sick ones,” she said.

Italian artist honors fighters at Jackson Memorial Hospital. (Local 10 News Share)

She was inspired to do more.

“I felt, ‘Okay,I need to take this to the next level.’ Because if I can bring this type of inspiration or this type of energy to the nurses, I need to go bigger.”

La Bianca was relentless in asking Jackson Health System for the go-ahead to create an enormous mural, and finally got approval.

The 104-foot high work called “Our Heroes” will depict doctors, nurses, janitors, and other health care workers on the front lines.

“There’s a lot of fear out there. Art can inspire people and can bring a positive message,” La Bianca said.

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