Salvation Army in Broward County running out of food for families in need

The Salvation Army has made a public plea for help due to a shortage of food donations for families in need.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Food distribution sites across South Florida have been packed with families in need of some help.

On Tuesday, long lines were seen at several locations, as families waited to receive what they could as many continue to struggle due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The desperation is so great that organizations fear they will run out of food.

The Salvation Army has made a public plea for help.

To paint a picture of the need, they’re hearing from families who are mixing milk with water to make it last longer.

And if these shelves don’t fill up, hungry families will be turned away.

Major Connie Long showed Local 10 News what she said is a disaster situation.

"Lots of empty shelves," she said. "Kind of creeps me out, I’m not going to lie."

The Salvation Army serving Broward County is nearly out of food.

The pandemic has caused the number of families arriving at their food pantry to skyrocket to historic numbers.

"We have had a 264% increase in the need because of unemployment," Long said. "These families are ones who normally have no problems."

The food pantry which has served the Broward community for decades depends heavily on food donations from the public, which have also gone down.

Major Long said she’s disheartened at the thought of having to turn families away but she’s still hopeful.

“If these shelves stay this way, tomorrow morning we’ll be turning people away,” she said. “However, we have the faith that people will provide.”

If you’re able to can donate food to the Salvation Army, it can be dropped off at 1445 W Broward Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. Monetary donations can be made at

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