Angry shopper screams profanities at code enforcement officer after being denied entry to Publix for not wearing mask

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A profanity-laced rant outside a Miami Beach Publix supermarket was caught on camera after a shopper was denied entry for not wearing a mask.

We have all had to make adjustments during this pandemic.

Whether it be quarantine, maintaining a social distance, or constantly having to wash your hands.

But when it came to wearing a mask to get into Publix, as is required, one man completely lost his cool.

The would-be customer’s rant was captured on the body camera of a Miami Beach Code Enforcement officer after she refused to let him inside the Publix off Dade Boulevard and Alton Road on Sunday night.

A sign posted on the front door of the grocery store clearly states, “If you are not wearing something covering your face, you cannot enter the supermarket.”

The requirement is just one of the many changes we are all having to deal with to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

As the tirade continued, shoppers stepped in, defending the officer confronted by the man, who was clearly outraged when told to leave.

Local 10 News reporter Roy Ramos showed the video to shoppers on Wednesday.

Some, like Michelle Chatmor, agreed with him being turned away for failing to abide by CDC guidelines.

“He should have not been let in,” she said. “His reaction is extremely inappropriate.”

Others, however, understood where the outrage was coming from.

“I understand the sense of feeling like your personal freedom is taken away,” shopper Elgar Richards said. “Completely get it. But I think also it’s important to have a bigger picture mentality here, right? It’s like we are all responsible for everyone’s health.”

Hernan Cardeno, the director of Miami Beach Code Enforcement, released a statement that read:

“Our inspections for facial coverings and social distancing aren’t always welcomed, but we are doing this for the greater good. I’m proud to lead a team of Code Compliance professionals who are on the frontlines every day in our community simply trying to ensure the public complies with the safety measures in place during this global pandemic.”

Local 10 News also reached out to Miami Beach police, who said no arrest was made. By the time officers arrived, the man had walked away.

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