Windy weather spreads backyard fire to home in Hialeah

HIALEAH, Fla. – Windy weather spread a backyard fire to a home in Hialeah, authorities confirmed early Thursday.

The fire was reported in the 600 block of East 35th Street.

According to Hialeah Fire Rescue officials, the fire was rekindled due to the strong wind.

Officials said the wind blew the fire from the backyard to the home, causing another fire to break out in the attic. Luckily, firefighters were still at the scene when the fire reignited, so they went into the home and extinguished the flames from the inside.

Crews at the scene said multiple families lived in the efficiency units in the building.

They said nine people were sleeping inside when the fire erupted, but no one was injured.

It’s unclear how much damage the home sustained.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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