Dispatcher: ‘Oh, dear!’ 911 calls released in Miramar plane crash

Hear the calls from the tower and witnesses on the ground

1 killed in plane crash in Miramar; another seriously injured
1 killed in plane crash in Miramar; another seriously injured

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Miramar police have released the 911 calls from the May 12, 2020 plane crash that killed a student pilot and critically injured an instructor from Wayman Aviation Academy. Miramar police received approval to release the calls from the Federal Aviation Administration.

[ADVISORY WARNING! Some listeners may find this of content disturbing and difficult to listen to. Also, limited offensive language.]

»Hear the 911 calls (14 minutes)

According to authorities, Mark Daniel Scott, 25, and instructor Andreas Bastidas, were on a routine training flight when the Piper PA-34 crashed and burst into flames on the south side of Pembroke Road near the corner of Hiatus Road.

The plane had departed from North Perry Airport shortly before 9 a.m. Tuesday. Authorities said the men notified the tower that they were returning back to the airport before they crashed.

Tower: “This is North Perry Tower. I have aircraft landing on Pembroke Boulevard, approximately Pembroke and Pines. It’s a Seneca, two souls on board. He’s currently at 100-feet over Pembroke."

Dispatcher: “Pembroke?”

Tower: “Pembroke and Palm, approximately about three miles west across from Flamingo.”

Dispatcher: “So he’s gonna land on the roadway?”

Tower: Yes ma’am. He’s lost an engine and it looks like he just went down."

Dispatcher: “Oh, dear!...”

Scott died at the scene.

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