PHOTOS: Miami protest against police brutality turns destructive

MIAMI – A peaceful “I Can’t Breathe” march that started on Biscayne Boulevard moved west to Overtown. The majority of them marched on to Interstate 95 to block northbound and southbound traffic. A much smaller group stood in front of the Miami Police Department’s employee garage.

Once the march ended, a “No Justice, No Peace” protest started. Vandals spray-painted a sign on I-95 and parked police cars. Officers didn’t react until after a protester threw a gallon at a police officer and another managed to intercept it and it bounced back. Officers quickly suit up with riot gear.

Protesters threw projectiles. Officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas. The protesters dispersed and set cars on fire. There was looting at Bayside Marketplace and vandalism at Miami Dade College. Miami-Dade County set up a 10 p.m. curfew, and the looting continued in Wynwood and Midtown.


Cars on fire, looting, heavy police presence


Peaceful ‘Justice for George Floyd’ march ends with prayer with Chiefs of Miami-Dade County

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