Overnight storm causes enormous tree to come down in Deerfield Beach neighborhood

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – Cleanup crews in Deerfield Beach will face a daunting task after a massive tree came down during an overnight storm. 

Fortunately, despite its sheer size, the tree didn't fall on any homes, cars or power lines. 

It came down on Emerald Way in Deerfield Beach. 

Darlene Nelson lives about a 50 yards from the downed tree and was stunned to see the sheer size of it. 

“I couldn’t believe it, such a big tree,” she said. “It was a really bad storm.”

The tree came down near the neighborhood mailboxes in the Deer Creek Golf Club community, but appeared to have missed damaging anything. 

Falling in a way that made it more of a spectacle than a nuisance, neighbors stopped by Saturday morning to take a photo. 

Jim Falcone saw it while on his morning bike ride. He told Local 10 News’ Saira Anwer Saturday night’s storm was so loud it sounded like a hurricane. While he’s seen downed trees in the neighborhood before, this one was so big he couldn’t help but stop to snap some pics.

“We have a group here in Deer Creek where we post interesting things and I’ll probably post it when I get home,” he said. 

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