Sisters concerned about missing mom whose son turned up in Miramar

Leila Cavett had no known ties to South Florida, sister says

Family members of missing mother arrive in South Florida
Family members of missing mother arrive in South Florida

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Three sisters of a missing woman say they’re relieved that their young nephew is OK after being found wandering alone in Miramar, but they’re concerned about the boy’s mother.

The three sisters of 21-year-old Leila Cavett arrived Tuesday at Miramar police headquarters after driving from Alabama overnight, and at this point they have more questions than answers.

“It’s starting to become a lot more real now, and I definitely just want to know that my sister is OK,” Gina Lewis said.

Cavett, who lived in Georgia, did not have any known ties to South Florida, which is part of the reason her sisters are growing concerned.

“That’s the main question that we’re trying to figure out now. We don’t know of her having any friends or family out here, to be out here in the first place,” Lewis said.

Sisters say missing mother had no ties to South Florida where her son was found alone
Sisters say missing mother had no ties to South Florida where her son was found alone

On Sunday, Cavett’s son — identified by family as two-year-old Kamdyn Cavett Arnold — was found wandering alone in the parking lot of the Edge Apartments near the Florida Turnpike.

The woman who found him had no idea where he came from.

“I asked him where is his mommy and he kind of just pointed everywhere,” Miramar resident Ebony Williams said.

Kamdyn was turned over to police, who used social media to get in touch with his mother’s family, but the sisters say they haven’t heard from Leila in nearly two weeks.

“I FaceTimed her on July 17, we were on the phone for about an hour and she was fine,” one of the sisters said. “She didn’t have any plans to come to Florida, so we’re very confused right now.”

That confusion and concern led the sisters to make the 800-mile drive from Alabama to not only reunite with their nephew but also to speak with detectives, which they did for hours Tuesday.

“If my sister is watching this, just please reach out to any one of us,” Lewis said. “And if you don’t want to reach out to us, reach out to your friends. Everyone is just so concerned. We just want you home.”

Police say they are concerned for the safety of Cavett, who was last seen driving a mid-to-late 90s white Chevy 3500, with a maroon or red tailgate and a “baby on board” sign on the passenger window.

Officers are asking anyone with information to call the Miramar Police Department at 954-602-4000 or Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

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