Hollywood thieves used their own vehicle to push stolen car away

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Crafty car thieves were caught on camera using one vehicle to steal another.

Not only did the owner have his car stolen, but inside was a backpack with work materials and important personal items like IDs.

It wasn't until Wednesday that he was able to obtain the video showing how it happened.

There’s never a good time for your car to get stolen, but this couldn’t have come at a worse time for Jason.

"I got a lot going on, my mom got diagnosed with cancer, my dad just died," said Jason. 

It was 2:30 a.m. Saturday inside the parking garage at the Gulf View Apartments on US-1 and Polk Street in Hollywood.

Video shows a thief pushing the red 2017 Nissan Maxima out of its parking spot and then jumping in the car.

An accomplice in a gray sedan pulls up, using the bumper to push the stolen car out and away.

The gray car has a sunroof.

The stolen car’s owner, Jason, who asked Local 10 only to identify him by his first name, said his doors were locked and has no clue who is behind this.

"Been a really terrible process," he said. "Nobody cares, everybody pushes you off.

“I really feel a sense of violation at this point, that I saw it actually happen. If you can get the word out, if I can help keep this from happening to anybody else in my neighborhood.”

The suspect vehicle had a Miami Dolphins license plate #D2BCQ.

Hollywood car thieves.
Hollywood car thieves. (WPLG)

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