Social media posts by Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola push controversial takes on COVID-19

Members of Arriola's political party floating idea of potential recall

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Social media posts about the coronavirus pandemic made by a Miami Beach city commissioner has caused quite a stir. 

Now, Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola's own political party is calling him out. 

“The commissioner that Miami Beach residents voted for in November seems very different from the one that we’re seeing now,” said Dan Royles, past president of the Miami Beach Democratic Club. 

The tweets from Arriola, who ran in 2018 as a democrat, push some debatable takes on COVID-19. 

Below is a tweet from last week calling to "Jail Fauci," referring to Dr. Anthony Fauci, and promoting the unproven treatment hydroxychloroquine.

South Beach resident Dan Royles is troubled by Arriola’s messaging, like another tweet criticizing lockdowns as a way to control the virus, instead pushing for widespread infection and ultimately herd immunity.

"Promoting these messages, promoting junk science, discredited treatments, promoting the idea that we should respond to the epidemic by getting to herd immunity, let's be clear, means that people would die," Rosen said. 

Arriola's tweets often target South Florida medical experts like FIU doctor and county advisor Dr. Aileen Marty. 

Her response on Twitter: 

Arriola responded by accusing the doctor of trying to be a celebrity.

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chairman Steve Simeonidis called Arriola out on Twitter as an embarrassment to the party and raised the idea of a potential recall. 

“I would certainly support a move to recall him and I think that a number of Miami Beach residents would as well,” Royles said. 

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