Video shows Wendy’s manager coughing on customer’s food in Miramar

MIRAMAR, Fla. – A video shows a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant manager in Miramar was wearing her face mask incorrectly when she coughed on a customer’s food.

The customer, Natasha Senat, said she had hoped restaurant employees were doing the right thing to keep customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Disgusting! I have no other words for it,” Senat said.

Senat used Uber Eats to order the food on Tuesday at 3750 Utopia Dr. The Uber Eats driver recorded the incident and the video also shows other employees were also not using their face masks properly.

“When I went to confront her, she straight denied it that it was her,” Senat said about the manager.

The video also shows the manager coughed right into her hand and reached for food. In another instance, the manager coughed over an open bag of food.

The Uber Eats driver delivered the food, but he told Senat he had a video to show her.

“So he is showing me the video, I am thinking she is about to eat some of my fries. Never would I have imagined that she would cough while preparing food for the public,” Senat said.

The Wendy’s restaurant is operated by the Jae Restaurant Group, which owns 213 Wendy’s restaurants in Florida, Tennessee, New Mexico and Texas. The company released a statement on Thursday afternoon.

“We were very disappointed to see this video as this does not align with our company and brand standards,” a Jae Restaurant Group spokesperson wrote.

Had the Uber Eats’ driver not recorded the video, Senat would have never known the risk she was facing.

Here is the complete statement released by the Jae Restaurant Group:

The safety and well-being of our employees and customers are top priorities. We were very disappointed to see this video as this does not align with our company and brand standards. We are taking appropriate action by investigating the matter, and are continually reinforcing our protocols and training regarding safe practices for use of personal protective equipment including masks and face coverings in our restaurants. We’re also taking this opportunity to retrain and reinforce all of our strict quality and safety procedures with our restaurant teams.


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