Heat playoff celebrations are different this year. Show us your photos.

MIAMI – The last time the Miami Heat made it to the NBA Finals, eager crowds with pots and pans and homemade signs gathered in the streets near downtown Miami, Westchester, and Hialeah.

Thanks to COVID-19, those days are over. At least for now.

With an 11 p.m. curfew in place in Miami-Dade County, local law enforcement agencies will be enforcing the rules and making sure residents are safe.

Some fans have said they plan to stay at home with family and bang their cookware in the privacy of their own house.

Brian Nunez, a Heat fan originally from New York, said he knows sports bars and parties are out of the question.

“Exclusive VIP,” he joked, “because the Miami Heat is the best team right now.”

Miami Heat fans prepare to celebrate on Friday
Miami Heat fans prepare to celebrate on Friday

How will you be celebrating the Heat’s victory against the Celtics? Send us your Miami Heat fan pictures at Share@Local10.com.



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