Miami and Fort Lauderdale have already shattered annual rainfall totals

Tropical Storm Eta flooded cities across South Florida

A man walks a flooded street in his Fort Lauderdale neighborhood Monday. Tropical Storm Eta caused severe flooding in South Florida in areas already saturated from previous downpours. (AP)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – You don’t need to look far to tell that we’ve had a wetter than normal stretch in South Florida.

But to put the drenching in perspective, check out these rainfall totals put out by the National Weather Service’s Miami office:

Fort Lauderdale has had 86.57 inches of rain in 2020, which is already 24.39 inches more than a normal year (62.18 inches).

And, of course, we still have more than seven weeks remaining in 2020.

Miami has seen 82.19 inches of rain, up 20.29 inches from a normal year’s 61.9.

Palm Beach has had 66.87 inches, 4.54 inches higher than their annual average of 62.33.

Broward County got the worst of the rain from Tropical Storm Eta, with Miramar being doused with almost 16 inches of rain and several other cities surpassing 8 inches.

CLICK HERE to see rainfall totals by city from Tropical Storm Eta.

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