Sunrise police had been called to FBI killer’s apartment before

Records show David Lee Huber was dazed and confused on one of those occasions

SUNRISE, Fla. – Sunrise police records obtained by Local 10 News show details of previous calls out to the apartment where David Lee Huber lived.

Huber, 55, was the man who opened fire on FBI agents Tuesday, killing two of them and injuring three others, before he took his own life.

Agents were at his unit at the Water Terrace Apartments (10000 Reflections Blvd. W., Apt. 102) early Tuesday morning to serve a search warrant in a violent crimes against children case.

One of the previous calls describes a man lighting fireworks. The other describes a man screaming and threatening a neighbor, and also being dazed, confused and hallucinating. (See the reports at the bottom of this page.)

A former neighbor of Huber’s told Local 10 News earlier this week that she sensed “instant red flags” after meeting the man who lived a floor below her. She said he would go out of his way to not speak to other residents of the apartment complex.

She also said that an exterminator who once visited the building told her that Huber pointed a gun in his face when the exterminator had to go into Huber’s unit.

The FBI is still investigating what went wrong Tuesday.

Special agents Laura Schwartzenberger and Daniel Alfin were killed in that tragic incident. They will be remembered in separate memorial services this weekend at Hard Rock Stadium. Those memorials are not open to the public, but you can watch them live on Local Schwartzenberger’s service is Saturday at 2 p.m. Alfin’s is Sunday at 2 p.m.

For more on those memorial details and how you can help out their families, click here.

See reports on the police calls to Huber’s address below:

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