Progress Pride flag flies high in front of Hollywood City Hall

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – To mark the beginning of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the city of Hollywood raised a modern version of the inclusive six-stripe rainbow flag that first flew at a parade in 1978 in San Francisco.

On Wednesday, Todd Delmay, the president of the Hollywood LGBTQ+ Council, continued a tradition. He helped to raise the Progress Pride flag during a ceremony in front of City Hall.

“Many people live at the intersection of more than one identity,” said Delmay, a candidate for the Florida House District 100 seat. “They may be LGBTQ and Black or brown or Asian or Jewish and it’s important that we recognize that.”

Daniel Quasar, a Portland-based designer, incorporated Monica Helms’ 1999 Transgender Pride flag by adding light blue and pink. He also incorporated Philadelphia’s 2017 version, which symbolizes the community’s racial diversity with additional black and brown lines.

Quasar released the Progress Pride flag in 2018.

“It really became important to people because they saw in it a representation of a willingness and a desire to move the community forward,” Delmay said.

Delmay is one of the activists who pushed Florida to allow same-sex marriage. In 2015, he and his husband Jeffrey made history when they wed at a Miami-Dade County courtroom.

Delmay founded the nonprofit organization about two years ago to help create a more inclusive community in Hollywood and to increase political activism.


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