Study examines gender differences in obesity related heart complications

AVENTURA, Fla. – Researchers are gaining greater understanding of why men have a greater risk of obesity related complications than women.

Cardiologist Dr. Leonard Pianko said the study in mice found that females had a better response to a high fat diet than males.

“The male mice had a greater concentration of inflammatory related genes stored in fatty tissues than in female mice. This is a possible mechanism in understanding why men live shorter life spans than women because inflammation is involved in cardiac processes,’’ Pianko said.

Specifically the research showed that the female mice tended to have greater levels of growth of blood vessels in fatty tissue, which could help protect against the development of metabolic disorders and obesity.

And in the face of critical and ongoing demand for human plasma donations, a new collection center is now open in North Miami.

Plasma donations can produce lifesaving medicines for people with rare diseases including primary immune deficiencies, inherited respiratory disease, as well as bleeding and neurological disorders.

For details on the new location go to

And there’s a new concern about the expansion of marijuana use in the U.S.

Doctors have said it can increase the need for more anesthesia in order to remain sedated during surgery.

Additional sedation raises the risk of breathing problems during and after surgery and can lead to post-operative delirium or cognitive dysfunction.

Doctors said it’s vital that patients are honest with an anesthesiologist about their marijuana use, including non-smoking forms such as edibles.

Hospitals already ask patients about alcohol use, which can also impact anesthesia dosing.

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