Parrots Haven aims to open Amazon Park, a much-needed sanctuary in Miami-Dade

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – Many parrots could live up to a century. And while that may seem like a blessing for those who are in need of a talkative pet companion with musical skills, it can often be a curse for the pet.

Jose Debasa said this is one of the reasons why there is a huge need to rescue domesticated birds that need a home, a lot of training, time, and affection.

Debasa is the president of the Parrots Haven Rescue and Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization based out of south Miami-Dade County that aims to provide housing, food, and veterinary care for birds like Marlin, a blue and gold 20-year-old Mexican macaw.

“About three years ago, we purchased Captain from a pet shop,” Debasa said. “We didn’t know we were actually bringing home an endangered species from Indonesia.”

Debasa said that was the last animal that he ever purchased

“Birds are really like all the animals we try to find new homes for,” Debesa said. “What happens? They get released into the wild because pet parents get overwhelmed and they don’t know exactly what they’re getting into when they get one of these guys.”

Patricia Lyon, the owner of the Aviary Bird Shop in Miami-Dade County, said customers are always in search of a sanctuary or a rescue organization because birds require a lot of attention.

Parrots Haven is working on the Amazon Park, an area with a 6,000-square-foot aviary.

“We were able to secure land down in Homestead where we are going to be able to move our facility and we will be able to take in more birds,” Debasa said.

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