More disturbing allegations as 5th woman says accused South Beach rapist attacked her

Jeremy Bittner encouraged incest during 9-hour series of attacks, police say; another accuser speaks to Local 10 News

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Accused serial rapist Jeremy Bittner faced more charges Friday after a fifth woman told Miami Beach police that he sexually assaulted her, adding to a growing list of disturbing allegations against the 41-year-old.

Police arrested Bittner Monday on allegations that he raped three women, some of whom were drugged, at his South Beach condominium.

On Friday, one of the original three accusers spoke to Local 10 News to share her story, saying Bittner used a specific modus operandi to lure women.

That accuser is now the second to speak publicly about her allegations.

(Scroll down to read accuser “S.O.”'s account.)

The first was Bittner’s fourth accuser.

That woman said she contacted Miami Beach police Tuesday after seeing reports about Bittner on Local 10 News. She shared her story with reporter Glenna Milberg on Thursday.

The fifth accuser said she too came forward after seeing a news report about Bittner’s arrest.

Police report details fifth accuser’s allegations

Police said the fifth accuser, a 45-year-old woman, contacted investigators Wednesday and interviewed with them on Thursday.

She made a series of gut-wrenching allegations against Bittner.

The woman told police that just after midnight on Oct. 3, she had just left a neighbor’s place in her Bay Road condo building, blocks away from Bittner’s building on West Avenue. She said he struck up a conversation with her in the elevator area and asked her if she’d “like to hang out,” according to the report, telling her: “let’s party.”

The victim said she told Bittner she didn’t want to party with him, but police wrote that “during their short time together, she got the feeling he was charming, as he spoke openly about his divorce and he was very persistent regarding his desire to hang out with (her)” and said she “kind of felt bad” for him.

Police said the woman invited Bittner, listed in arrest records as a New Mexico-born biochemist, into her condo for a drink and to chat, not knowing that she would spend the next nine hours being brutally raped.

According to police, the attack was swift. As the woman turned around to make a drink, she said Bittner inserted “some sort of dropper” into her mouth and squirted liquid inside.

The next thing she knew, police said, she was waking up, feeling “groggy” and as if she was floating, or inside a “bubble,” and asked Bittner what happened.

According to police, he told her he gave her the date rape drug GHB.

Police wrote that Bittner then became “aggressive,” pulling of the victim’s pajama pants despite her pleas to stop.

The woman told officers that she knew what was happening, but was unable to defend herself due to the drug’s effects.

The report states that Bittner forced her to perform various sex acts and intercourse, while making comments to her such as “you’re a sub.”

Police said Bittner raped the woman three separate times over the nine-hour period.

He also told the woman about times he had sex with his mother when he was a younger man and encouraged the victim to become the “first (person) to have sexual intercourse with her own children”, police said.

Bittner said he “wanted their underwear” so he could place them inside of the victim’s mouth, the report states, but she didn’t oblige.

The woman told police that “her head felt extremely foggy and her body felt as if she were frozen” while with Bittner and said he took GHB and snorted cocaine throughout parts of the night, the report states.

She said that, along with previous comments, “made her feel the situation could most definitely take a turn for the worst, police wrote.

The report states the woman felt “the only way out of the situation was to allow (Bittner) to engage in sexual intercourse with her, hoping he would not become more violent and ultimately would her residence.”

Bittner left around 11 a.m. that morning, she said, but she did not report the crime until nearly seven months later, when she saw news reports about the other alleged rapes, because she was “embarrassed and ashamed” and was worried the report could be used against her in divorce proceedings.

Accuser ‘S.O.’: Bittner targeted women seeking modeling jobs

A 34-year-old woman, who Local 10 News is only referring to as “S.O.” in order to protect her privacy, was one of Bittner’s three original accusers.

She shared her story with Local 10 News on Friday.

“(He was always) trying to get you to stay the night, get you into his bedroom for conversation,” she said. “When I went out to smoke a cigarette, he just came, put his fingers up my skirt and helped me onto the balcony.”

S.O. said Bittner played like a player, urging women networking for photoshoots and jobs to come over to his place.

S.O. showed Local 10 News reporter Glenna Milberg text messages she said were from Bittner, urging her to come over and party and network with a roommate with connections.

Texts an accuser says Jeremy Bittner, accused of a series of rapes on South Beach, sent her. (WPLG)

“He started shoving substances at us without necessarily knowing what they were and when we said no, (he) pretty much told us we were ungrateful whores,” she said.

S.O. said Bittner would regularly harass her and other women.

“Any time you’d run into him, he’d be the same way, just trying to drag you back to his (place) and be like ‘Why are you being unfriendly?’ ‘I need friends,’ ‘I’m going through a divorce,’ ‘I’m suicidal,’ yada yada,” S.O. said.

She said a WhatsApp group chat originally meant for networking has now become dozens of women sharing their accounts.

“Since the news stories came out, people are giving their two sides of what went on, rapes or uncomfortable situations,” S.O. said.

Bittner appears in court

The latest allegations now add three counts of second-degree sexual battery and one count of false imprisonment to Bittner’s stack of charges.

Bittner once again appeared in court Friday morning and remained in Miami-Dade County’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where he was being held without bond as of Friday afternoon.

Miami Beach police believe more women may come forward.

They’re asking anyone with information to call them.

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