City of Miami bans smoking in city parks, beaches

Miami Beach cigarette smoking ban begins

MIAMI – An ordinance to ban smoking in City of Miami parks and beaches has been passed.

The ordinance introduced by Commissioner Manolo Reyes, went into effect this week.

It prohibits the consumption of tobacco, cannabis, and the use of electric cigarettes in City Parks and Beaches.

“City beaches and parks are public spaces where residents enjoy time outdoors. Mainly, they are places where parents take their children to enjoy sports activities. It would be contradictory to think that we are taking our children and the elderly to places where they will be affected by secondhand smoke that causes such a negative effect on health,” said Commissioner Reyes.

Residents and visitors who do not comply with the new ordinance could face fines.

The city of Miami Beach outlawed smoking on beaches and in public parks beginning Jan. 1.

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