WATCH: Pembroke Park commissioner goes on profanity-laden tirade from dais

Outburst comes as possible Broward investigation looms

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – F-bombs flew at Pembroke Park Town Hall Wednesday night as outspoken Commissioner Geoffrey Jacobs, once the town’s mayor, went on a profanity-laced tirade directed towards his colleagues on the dais.

It comes as Local 10 News has learned that Jacobs, the subject of multiple Local 10 Investigates stories, may now be under investigation by Broward County’s chief watchdog.

Sources said officials from the Broward Office of the Inspector General went to Pembroke Park’s town hall requesting Jacobs’ town credit card expenditures. Those sources said Apple AirPods, kids’ meals at restaurants and a Ring doorbell camera that records motion are just some of the purchases in question.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, the topic of ethics came up after Jacobs accused an employee of using a town vehicle on Memorial Day and loading her family in it. A town investigation showed it wasn’t true.

Vice Mayor Eric Morrissette confronted Jacobs on his alleged use of a police car.

“Fraud and misuse and abuse is...” Jacobs said, before Morrissette interrupted him.

“Now you are talking? Didn’t you drive around in a police car pretending to be a police officer?” Morrissette asked.

“Not at all,” Jacobs replied.

“No? I have a receipt that shows you bought T-shirts, tactical gear and someone whispered in my ear you had a badge made too,” Morrissette said. “That’s pretending to be an officer when you’re not.”

Jacobs would then erupt.

“Then please put it on the f---ing dais,” Jacobs yelled. “If that happened, have the balls to stand up and prove it!”

Mayor Ashira Mohammed then called for order.

“No! Prove it! Prove that s--- happened, because it didn’t. It never did,” Jacobs retorted. “I’m tired of the false and malicious bulls--- allegations by behalf of this f---ing commission and the people of the town of Pembroke Park!”

Mohammed then slammed her gavel.

“Stop! This is enough. You have attacked every last commissioner on this dais,” she said.

“You’ve got a lot coming to deal with and it’s coming!” Jacobs later said.

Mohammed proclaimed “this meeting is over” and Jacobs got up and left.

It’s the latest blowup in the small Broward town of about 7,000 people.

As we have reported, an independent investigation has already concluded Jacobs created a hostile work environment. He was publicly censured for his conduct.

“He has harassed staff and we have lost a lot of brainpower in this town,” Morrissette said. “This cannot continue. He cannot continue. He does not see the consequences of his actions.”

Jacobs was accused of calling the town’s former human resources director, who is Jewish, a Nazi.

He also sent the former town attorney, who is openly gay, a TikTok video described as “misogynistic” and “homophobic” and was accused of calling her an “f---ing c---.”

He’s apparently referred to two male commissioners as the “two idiots” and “incompetent” and “overpaid, non-working a--holes.”

The town clerk says he once told her to get her head “out of her ass.”

On Thursday night, Jacobs accused Town Clerk Marlen Martell of not fulfilling all his public records requests. She said she has and that staff is working on an overdue audit and the budget.

“You will not tell me what is pending,” Martell said.

“It’s not my job to do your job,” Jacobs said. “I’m the commissioner. You’re the clerk.”

Former Town Attorney Melissa Anderson has already filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Jacobs. And town officials expect it to be hit with several lawsuits.

“We are literally sitting on half a million dollars of litigation right now, pending, and who is gonna pay that bill?” Mohammed asked. “It’s not him. It’s the taxpayers at the end of the day.”

Local 10 News contacted Jacobs via email seeking comment and we have not heard back as of publication of this story.

No one will comment on the possible county investigation. But Local 10 News does know that the office has some of Jacobs’ town-issued credit card records.

Town officials are putting together a packet to send to Gov. Ron DeSantis, hoping he will remove Jacobs from office.

About the Author:

Jeff Weinsier joined Local 10 News in September 1994. He is currently an investigative reporter for Local 10. He is also responsible for the very popular Dirty Dining segments.