Mike McDaniel feels Dolphins have attacked the offseason well

Mike McDaniel says no 'red flags' as he takes over Dolphins

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The next time the media has the opportunity to watch the Miami Dolphins practice, it will be the start of Training Camp.

The Dolphins are wrapping up their offseason workouts this week.

Head Coach Mike McDaniel is installing his new scheme and taking over for fired head coach Brian Flores.

McDaniel said he’s been pleased with the team’s offseason work so far.

McDaniel said, “I think that coaches have done a great job and the players have really attacked this offseason which I guess I would equate to the first quarter of a game. I’m comfortable to say, the way they’ve worked we have a lead in the first quarter, what does that mean? Nothing.”

The head coach said they’ve positioned themselves to compete at a standard that they want to be at.

McDaniel added, “The biggest message is the obligation and accountability that they have to have to their teammates while they’re gone. The one thing that has stood the test of time if you don’t come back in, not shape, Training Camp shape, at the beginning of Training Camp, it makes yourself very vulnerable to soft tissue injuries. Which puts you 2-3 weeks behind and more often than not... players never catch up because that’s how tight of a race it is.”

McDaniel encouraged his players to spend time with their family and recharge, but to come back in “full shape, form, and desire” so that the best players will earn the top jobs.

McDaniel was asked about quarterback Tua Tagovailoa praising how positive he is with the team.

McDaniel said, “I’m just a positive person only because the way I see world is you’re about the things that you can effect moving forward and being present... I wouldn’t say I was approaching it like hey I want to be the positive coach... I want players sole focus to be getting better at the craft of being the best player they can be. If you’re able to be yourself, that’s one less thing to think about.”

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David Lang is executive producer of the Local 10 sports department.