Miami-Dade mayor candidates try to reach new voters in crunch time for election

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – By morning in West Kendall, there were fist bumps for Steve Bovo. In the afternoon in the Gables, chants for Daniella Levine Cava.

The two candidates for Miami-Dade County mayor have just six days left to whip every possible vote for the nonpartisan position.

So, Levine Cava (a progressive Democrat) and Bovo (a conservative Republican) have been working what would be their bases — and also reaching for the other side.


It’s a county where, of the votes already in, 26% have been from people who have no party affiliation. About 42% of the votes in already in Miami-Dade are from registered Democrats; 31% from Republicans.

“At this point, half people have voted, so we are looking at people that don’t always vote,” Levine Cava said.

Said Bovo: “We know there are still a substantial group of folks that are undecided.”

Local 10 News found three University of Miami juniors who were heading to the poll to cast their ballots Wednesday and still weren’t sure who they were going to pick in the mayor’s race.

“I don’t know the candidates. I’m mostly here for the presidential race,” said one of those voters, Nick Lumaj. “Knowing that they are nonpartisan, I’m probably going to guess, honestly.”

We suggested a few minutes of research before they went inside.

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