Tourist from Minnesota in South Beach: This is hoodie weather

South Florida temperatures dip into 30s

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Without the sizzling heat on Wednesday in South Beach, there weren’t any women wearing bikinis along Ocean Drive. The temperatures in South Florida were the coldest on record since Dec. 28, 2010.

The usually crowded Voodoo Lounge on Ocean Drive was empty on Wednesday morning. (Local 10 News)

Next to the ice cream stand outside of the Voodo Lounge there was an outdoor heater. Krishawna Brown said she had to buy a “South Beach Party” hoodie, but she was still enjoying her walk.

“We are from Minnesota,” said Brown, who experienced 39-66 degrees Celsius in Miami-Dade County, while the temperature in Minneapolis was 24-37 degrees. “We are used to this weather ... You gotta appreciate what you’ve got, so we can just put on a hoodie and be OK.”

Local 10 News Meteorologist Luke Dorris said the lowest temperatures were away from the beaches and the wind chill was down to the 20s. He said it will get warm again on Thursday.

Local 10 News Weather Center (WPLG)

Unlike Brown, Danny Cordones was among the Miami-Dade County residents who had to wear more clothes than usual on Wednesday morning.

“I did layer up,” Cordones said. “I have a shirt under. I have my other shirt. I have a sweater on and I have this heavy jacket.

Many dug out their boots, scarves, gloves, ponchos and coats out of their closets to get to work on Wednesday morning in downtown Miami. But by lunchtime, the warm sun was forcing people to leave their jackets behind. And the cold-stunned iguanas that survived the fall were also supposed to wake up. The cold-blooded invasive species immobilize when the temperatures get into the 40s.

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