Miami-Dade-based entrepreneur supports musicians with free ‘talent incubator’

Musicians say Amadei helps with efficiency, creativity

AVENTURA, Fla. – Making music is one thing. Getting noticed is another. A free platform with a Miami-Dade connection is aiming to change that. Thomas Hibbler — better known as “Tommy Gunz” — believes it already has.

About 100,000 new music tracks upload to streaming platforms daily, experts report, according to Music Business Worldwide. Standing out in this environment is nearly impossible.

Hibbler, the musician behind Chicago-based Hit USA Radio, said Amadei, an online platform developed in South Florida, has been definitely helping him and others in the industry.

“It allows us to jointly cross-promote both brands and bring in independent artists from Chicago, from New York, from Africa, Brazil,” Hibbler said. “It allows us to be limitless in what it is that we can do.”

Bronislav Gorbachev, who was born in Ukraine, went to college in Stockholm and lives in Aventura, came up with the idea a few years ago. The entrepreneur said he saw the need for Amadei, a music talent incubator.

“I suddenly realized that the music industry itself is very brutal for the beginners, for emerging musicians,” said Gorbachev, who is also Amadei’s chief executive officer.

Sydney Abbanum, better known Conc3ept, is another happy user. He said the platform’s connections also helps to improve the quality of the final product.

“If I send them a song to release within 24 hours, they review it, approve it, then if there are any issues, they’ll let me know within those 24 hours, how to fix it, and the song will be out exactly by when I want it,” said Abbanum, an artist and producer based in Los Angeles.

Gorbachev said the platform is evolving and it benefits from artificial intelligence to reduce the production timeline. Meaning, what used to take hours or days, like sound mixing, artwork design, video production, and promotion, now can take minutes.

Since it launched in 2019, it has had a more than 80% retention rate, according to Gorbachev. And with some 17,000 users and growing, this is music to Gorbachev’s ears.

“We are making people really happy because they can with the help of us create music that everyone can understand because when you’re creating music, you have no boundaries,” he said.

The platform is free because Amadei makes money primarily through royalties from music distribution, according to Gorbachev. Last year the company reported $300,000 in revenue.

“The main idea, which is the focus, is ‘What is most important for the artists?’ That means the music itself, the creation of music, and the financial freedom,” Gorbachev said.

For Abbanum and Hibbler, the platform’s efficiency is helping them to improve not just their workflow but it is also fueling their creativity.

“I feel like it got better once I joined Amadei,” Abbanum said adding, “I knew that there was someone with my best interest that was actually backing the music up.”

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