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’My brain looks like the brain of a serial killer,’ Hialeah Twitter user writes

Hialeah detective warns judge: Twitter user is threat to public safety

MIAMI – On Christmas Day, a Twitter user painted a grim self-portrait.

“My brain looks like the brain of a serial killer psychopath. I feel no type of pity or emotion towards hurting someone ... humans are mosquitoes in my eyes.”

“I was raised different. I was beat and abused until the age of 14. That’s why I’m a hard [expletive] that’s why I act the way I act,” the user wrote. “Nobody can break me or bend me I will take your life.”

Authorities said the tweets were written by 19-year-old Hialeah resident Lazaro Lesteiro-Diaz, who allegedly confessed to writing threatening messages about wanting to kill random people -- including homosexuals, blacks, Nicaraguans and Colombians. He also admitted to having published images with weapons, police said.

“The government has been watching me for years,” the Twitter user wrote Jan. 3, a few days after reporting someone shot at his apartment.

An agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives field office in Washington, D.C. contacted a Hialeah Police Department detective on Tuesday, according to the arrest form. The federal agent shared evidence with Detective Kinshun Mui about Lesteiro-Diaz, known as Yunglazz on Twitter.

“This individual, we believe, is a threat to public safety,” Mui told Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Mindy S. Glazer in court on Wednesday.

Lesteiro-Diaz appeared in court to face a second-degree felony charge of written threats to kill or do bodily injury or conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism.

Officers found Leisteiro-Diaz on Tuesday in a warehouse area in Doral and took him to the Hialeah Police Department, where officers arrested him after the alleged confession.

According to the arrest form, Hialeah officers seized a “simulated weapon” in connection to the case. The Twitter account also included videos and pictures of Lesteiro-Diaz. A video published Nov. 30 showed him firing a rifle.

Despite Mui’s request that she keep him in jail, Glazer kept his bond at $75,000 and ordered house arrest pending trial. Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge William Altfield was assigned to the case.

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