South Florida residents looking to cash in by renting out homes during Super Bowl week

$100,000 will get you beautiful home, food, tickets, transportation to Super Bowl LIV

HIGHLAND BEACH, Fla. – Many residents across South Florida are renting out their homes as football fans flock to Miami for Super Bowl LIV.

Marc Paskin is one of those homeowners.

He lives in Highland Beach, which is just east of Boca Raton.

Paskin is offering up his home to San Francisco 49ers fans coming to town for the big game, but for the price he’s asking, they’ll get much more than a place to stay.

“I was thinking about it and I thought, ‘Well, wait a minute, if I could make $100,000 minus costs, I’ll go to the Motel 6 for a weekend. I don’t care,’” he said. “If someone stays here for three nights, we’re going to have a 48-inch yacht pick them up at our own dock, and it’s going to take them to a mile-and-a-half from the stadium. From there, a limo will take them to their seats on the 40-yard line.”

Marc Paskin is renting out his home for Super Bowl LIV.
Marc Paskin is renting out his home for Super Bowl LIV. (WPLG)

That’s right, it’s a perk package that includes tickets to Super Bowl LIV.

But wait, there's more! Fans will also get the full San Francisco experience, or at least as much as one could hope for when staying on the opposite coast.

“All of the food in this place is all San Francisco original,” Paskin said.

That means Ghirardelli Chocolate platters, Boudin Sourdough bread and even 15 pounds of fresh crab and clam chowder from Fisherman’s Wharf.

Paskin even thought of how to make the weather seem more San Francisco-ish.

“There are a lot of San Francisco fans that are going to miss the San Francisco weather. They’re going to miss the fog,” he explained. “That’s not a problem. If you’re going to pay $100,000, we include fog.”

Paskin purchased cans of spray fog that he’ll fill his home with, making it feel that much more like the city by the bay.

"By the time the can is used up, you will think you’re in San Francisco,” he said.

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