Shooting victim alleges neighbors ambushed his car during Super Bowl block party

Authorities have only confirmed man shot another man inside car

COOPER CITY, Fla. – A shooting in Cooper City is raising a lot of questions due to the allegations of one of the involved parties.

All authorities have confirmed, to this point, is that a man shot into a car and hit another man.

The victim, Simeon Brown, said the shooter was with a group of neighbors who were watching the Super Bowl as part of a block party.

Brown alleges the neighbors became angry when he drove around some road blocks at the block party, which eventually led to gunshots.

“My brother tapped me and said ‘Go because I see a gun,’” Brown said. “I turned around because I didn’t want to hit the guy.”

Brown, 22, said he was driving to his girlfriend’s house when he went around a traffic barricade near Southwest 91st Terrace and Southwest 52nd Court in Cooper City.

Scene of a shooting on Super Bowl Sunday in Cooper City. (WPLG)

Brown’s brother, also in the vehicle, said some of the neighbors at the party apparently got angry, one of whom he said had a gun.

“A fragment went up to my neck,” said Brown, who said he was shot in the arm and had bullet fragments hit his neck. His brother called 911.

Brown's family allege the shooter may have been an off duty law enforcement officer.

“Investigators have not released any details. This investigation remains open,” a Broward Sheriff’s Office representative said.

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