Residents in Palmetto Bay concerned about pack of dogs roaming at night

Dogs have killed multiple pet cats in same neighborhood

A pack of dogs roaming Palmetto Bay has already killed at least two cats.

PALMETTO BAY, Fla. – A pack of dogs roaming Palmetto Bay has already killed at least two cats.

Animal services believes they may belong to someone as pets, being released at night.

Residents are concerned if the dogs aren't caught, someone could be hurt.

Surveillance video captured half a dozen dogs wandering around the Palmetto Bay neighborhood in the middle of the night last month.

On that particular night, one resident told Local 10 News the dogs attacked his cat, Queso.

"The next morning I found him dead in my neighbor's yard," Jeff Gierson said.

The footage shows the gruesome attack.

"My cat, who was the friendliest cat in the world, went up to one of the big dogs and started sniffing it, and after that I didn't want to look at it anymore because one of the dogs grabbed him," Gierson said.

According to Gierson, it's not the first time the dogs have been spotted moving around the neighborhood's streets, or killed a small pet.

Video from mid-December shows what appear to be the same dogs running through a back yard. The most recent attack happened last weekend, where the dogs are seen killing another cat.

Miami-Dade Animal Services said they were alerted of the situation in early January.

"We have been out there during the day and at night, but we have been unable to locate the dogs," said Sam Gafcovich with Miami-Dade County Animal Services.

Animal Services said anyone who spots the dogs should call 911.

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