Coronavirus: Local Muslim community giving back to those in need as Ramadan begins

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Ramadan calls on Muslims to fast daily and traditionally break the fast with a meal shared in community.

But the coronavirus brings forced changes to this holy month.

As many are in isolation and struggling to put food on the table, members of the Islamic Center of Greater Miami set up a food donation drive through.

Hani Abdel Jabbar says it is not just for Muslims, but for everyone in need; it is what Ramadan calls on them to do anyway.

"The month of Ramadan is the month for giving, healing with people, helping people, that's what Ramadan is all about," said Jabbar.

Imam Sultan Mohammad is calling on Muslims to look at the silver linings in this pandemic.

“Ramadan, when it happens within the school year, it gets a little difficult for the kids to fast," he said. "This is a time for you to develop more of a meaningful relationship, not just with God but with your family at home. That is a huge blessing."

This Muslim community wants all of their neighbors in Miami Gardens to know the food hand out is open to anyone who is in need.

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