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Power line sparks gas line explosion near home

No one injured in Miami Beach fire

Downed power line sparks explosion, fire near Miami Beach home
Downed power line sparks explosion, fire near Miami Beach home

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Sunday's nasty weather caused a small, but intense fire inside a Miami Beach home when a downed power line ignited a gas pipe.

David Haimov said he was inside eating lunch with his siblings and parents when they heard a loud boom.

"It was a scary moment for all of us," Haimov said.

Through the window, they could see the flames burning through a wooden fence and awning, coming dangerously close to their cars and home. "We just said, 'It's all up to God now," Haimov said.

Neighbor Yvonne Martens heard the boom and came outside to find the fire.

"You could definitely tell it was a gas leak so, I called 911 right away. It was like a torch, it was coming right up the pole," Martens said.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue responded to the home near Prairie Avenue and 30th Street to put out the fire. The flames never got into the house. However, since it involved a power line and electricity, fire rescue broke into a wall to make sure there was nothing within the wiring of the house that had sparked.

Police were called out to close off the street.

Some homes in the area were without power, but Florida Power & Light said everyone’s electricity was back on.

No one was injured.

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