Food banks growing concerned as supplies become harder to come by

NORHT MIAMI, Fla. – As the days go by during the coronavirus pandemic, the lines at food distributions and free feedings are getting longer and longer.

Food banks have begun to sound the alarm as even they are running out of supplies.

Bianca Baptiste is a member of Good News Community Church; whose food pantry keeps filling boxes for families in need.

"We would do 40 to 60 families, but, now, we’re doing like 100-plus families," she said. "Sometimes, our lines run into the street."

While dozens have closed, Bianca’s food pantry is still operating.

The food pantry at the Good News Community Church continues to fill boxes for families in need.
The food pantry at the Good News Community Church continues to fill boxes for families in need. (WPLG)

They are among the more than 200 that depend on Feeding South Florida to provide all those much-needed meals.

"The reality is this is a global pandemic," said Feeding South Florida CEO Paco Velez. "We’re looking anywhere and everywhere, as are grocery stores, as are 200 other food banks across the America network, so we’re all competing for the same product."

The unfortunate reality is that, from Hialeah to Sunrise and points in-between, lines are only getting longer, with food and supplies getting harder to come by.

Velez told Local 10 News his company is putting on around 40 food distributions.

He said, as of Tuesday, the food bank was short on produce, and looking to bring some in from other parts of the state.

"We're purchasing products now, some of it is coming in," he said. "Some has a lead time of July. Some of it, they told us we may have to wait until August

"In the next four to six weeks, if not a lot of food is coming in, we may have to reduce that number of distributions."

In the meantime, the Florida National Guard is now helping them keep the 24-hour, six days a week operation going.

Food supply concerns are only increasing demand in other areas. Bianca's pantry received eight pallets of food Wednesday.

“Because of our faith, we believe that they’ll still get more and more food,” she said. “It’s working out. It’s working out. The people are being fed.”

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